Hospital services in Sandstone has a long history of ownership that has evolved from a Pine County owned facility,

to a non-profit and finally to the current Hospital District owned and operated facility.


Hospital Operating Since 1956

1956 – 1977: The original Sandstone Hospital was established in 1956 as a county hospital and operated as such until 1977. The original hospital was a 27-bed facility. They  increased their beds to 30 because of growing demand for acute care beds. The county also owned and operated a 46-bed nursing home was built in 1962 and was located across the street from the Hospital.


1977 - 1984: The Sandstone Area Hospital and Nursing Home, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit Hospital Corporation. The emergency room, intensive care unit, nursery and birthing rooms were remodeled in 1984. Another 40 nursing home beds were added in 1983, increasing the total nursing home beds to 86.


1985: The Hospital Corporation acquired the Sandstone Clinic, which was established in 1964 and operated by a private physician from 1968 – 1977.


1987: The Hospital Corporation transferred the Clinic to Sandstone Medical Group, Inc., a Minnesota non-profit corporation incorporated in 1987.


1989: The North Pine Area Hospital District was established with the assets and liabilities of the Hospital Corporation being transferred to the Hospital District.

2017: The North Pine Area Hospital District opened the Pine Healthcare Campus to replace the old hospital, which was sold to the nursing home operation, Sandstone Health Care Campus.