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Our Mission

Ensuring Local Access to Quality Rural Health Care

Free Emergency Responder Training

The Hospital District is offering free Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) training if you are a resident of the Hospital District and volunteer for 2 years with a local fire department. Call 952-239-6394 or email for details. Go here for more details.

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Our Commitment

Saving lives and restoring health is the passion and commitment that brought 18 Pine County cities and townships together to establish the North Pine Area Hospital District (Hospital District) in 1989. These community leaders recognized that fast access to rural health care often makes the life-saving difference.


It is with this passion to provide excellent health care services that the Hospital District built the new Pine Healthcare Campus. The health care services are being provided through a Hospital District lease agreement with Essentia Health.  Gateway Family Health Clinic and Thrifty White Pharmacy are providing the clinic and pharmacy services.