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Grant/Funding Program

Bringing New and Improved Services to the Hospital District Residents

Health Care Provider
Grant/Funding Program

The Hospital District has established a grant program for the benefit of the health care providers and the citizens of the Hospital District. Our territory includes township members of Arlone, Clover, Danforth, Dell Grove, Finlayson, Hinckley, New Dosey, Ogema, Park, Partridge, Pine Lake and Sandstone Townships, and the cities of Askov, Bruno, Finlayson, Hinckley, Sandstone and Willow River. The following are the Health Car Provider Grant/Funding Guidelines, how to apply, and the review process.

Grant/Funding Applications

Hospital District Grant Guidelines


The mission of the North Pine Area Hospital District (Hospital District) is to assure access to quality health care and wellness services that improve the mental and physical health of the residents of the Hospital District. Minnesota rural hospitals were struggling during the 1950’s to survive because the smaller population base that could not financially support a hospital. Therefore the State created Hospital Districts to give rural communities a tool to keep health care in their communities. 


Community leaders formed the Hospital District over 30 years ago to save our hospital. In 2017, the Hospital District funded and built the Pine Healthcare Campus with the goal of it becoming an area destination health care campus. This will increase the availability of health care services for our residents and increase patient and customer demand, thereby financially strengthening the health care providers. 


Though the focus is on meeting the health needs of the Hospital District citizens, we do not restrict access to community based health services that attract citizens outside the Hospital District territory. We support the success of critical health care services that can only be assured by attracting enough patient/customer traffic to support the ongoing operations. For example, hospital, clinic and pharmacy services are available to all who choose to use those services. 


We also focus on services that the Hospital District can provide seed money to get the service launched, with the goal of becoming self-sustaining. Additionally, we can fund education and wellness programs that are focused on improving the health of Hospital District residents.

Who Qualifies for Grant

  • Established health care providers with successful operating experience and a demonstrated provider of quality services.

    • Must operate on the Pine Healthcare Campus or other potential future Hospital District owned property.

    • The services must serve the physical, emotional and mental health of citizens. This includes addiction services.

    • All professional and operational licensing and regulatory requirements must be in place.

  • Organizations that provide services that improve the health of citizens.

    • The operation must be within the Hospital District territory and focus on meeting the needs of the Hospital District citizens. 

    • It does not limit access to these services by visitors and others outside the territory.

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What Qualifies for Grant

  • Improvements to the Pine Healthcare Campus.

  • Health services such as ambulance, First Responders and other direct care services.

  • Mental health, addiction and other health care services not being adequately provided in the Hospital District territory.

  • Food shelves and food security initiatives.

  • Health education and wellness programs.

  • Demonstrated need for the service in the Hospital District territory.

How to Apply for a
Loan or Grant

Complete the grant application fully and submit to Hospital District.

Provide detailed project plans, budget, statement of need, experience of the leadership team, project time lines, and detailed itemization of needed equipment and materials.

Progress reports will be required as established in the grant agreement, which will be signed by the Grantee and Hospital District Chair. 


Failure to meet established goals can result in discontinuation of the grant.

To learn more information about our Grant Program or our Education Loan Program, please click the links below.

Grant and Loan
Review and Approval Process

The application will be reviewed by the Hospital District, Health Care Needs Committee, or the Capital and Technology Committee.​

A recommendation from the Committee will be made to the full Hospital District Board of Directors for approval or denial.

Please direct any questions to a Hospital District contact at the links below.

Grant Recipient

Past grants, in part, have been provided to:

Family Pathways

Purchase of food

Bruno Food Shelf

Purchase of food

Gateway Family Health Clinic

Personal protective equipment and pandemic-related supplies

Duxbury Fire Department

First responder equipment

Essentia Health

Administrative center and ambulance garage, maintenance, air filtration and sanitation technology

Therapeutic Services Agency

Start-up costs for mental health therapy at the Pine Healthcare Campus, Gateway Clinic location

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